Samsung To Launch Smartphone-Leasing Program – Following Apple’s Footsteps?

Samsung To Launch Smartphone-Leasing Program – Following Apple’s Footsteps?
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Is Samsung trying to boost sales of its high-end smartphones by introducing a smartphone-leasing program? If yes, will the brand succeed in doing so? Or will Apple still win the race?

Apple doing something with Samsung not following is a rare thing. After Apple announced its device upgrade program, Samsung is planning to introduce a similar program to buyers. In a story published by Forbes, a source said, “The South Korean electronics giant is planning to launch a program for leasing its Galaxy phones in the U.S. market, similar to the one Apple announced just weeks ago, according to an industry executive with knowledge of Samsung’s plans. Samsung may be launching this leasing program in the next several months, although that timeline may accelerate.”


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Though Samsung has not commented on the smartphone-leasing program yet, news cannot be denied. By supporting these programs, smartphone manufacturers are looking forward to leave two-year contracts behind. By implementing this new policy, users will also be kept away from device subsidies. T-Mobile and Sprint are names in the industry that have already started giving up on two-year contract policies.

In a statement given to Forbes, a source said, “It’s a no brainer why they wouldn’t do this.” If you do not already know the reason, compared to Samsung’s new phones, Apple’s sales are soaring. If the company wants to beat the competition, it has no other option than to offer to customers plans and services better than Apple’s.

Having said that, we still cannot comment on who will beat whom in the coming days. Samsung, too, has launched its flagship phones but as customers found inconsistencies with the devices, the sales dropped. Similarly, Apple is now facing malware issue, due to which the company had to remove around 40 apps from the App Store. Both brands are going through the same phase now. Only time will tell which one of them comes out with flying colors.

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