Samsung Launches Milk Music, Its own Free Online Radio Service

Samsung Launches Milk Music, Its own Free Online Radio Service
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milk music Samsung Launches Milk Music, Its own Free Online Radio ServiceThere are now numerous music-streaming services that are available for various smart devices. However, Samsung Electronics think there is still enough room for one more. The company has formally entered that already crowded market through its very own free online radio service called ‘Milk Music.’


The new service is powered by Slacker. It is exclusively available in popular Galaxy devices like Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 3, and even in the upcoming Galaxy S5, which is scheduled to be released sometime in April.

In a statement, Samsung Telecommunications America president and CEO Gregory Lee said Milk Music is a fresh approach to reflect the company’s innovation to leadership and its focus on creation of best-class consumer experiences. He added that through the new service, the smartphone manufacturer would offer consumers with amazing and rich experiences that are built around their interests and lifestyle.

This is not the company’s first foray into Internet music streaming, though. In 2012, Samsung launched Music Hub, which debuted on its Galaxy S III to offer music services for $9.99 each month.

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The interesting and unique dial design

As a new service, Milk Music is starting with a bang. It boasts of a well-developed catalog consisting of 13 million songs. There are even over 200 ad-free online radio stations. This new app is supporting a new ‘dial design’ that Samsung claims is offering more fun and intuitive way to music listening.

There is a distinct circular dial that is at the same time customizable. It would let users set up about nine of its user’s favorite stations based on genre for easier access. Users could also fine tune the genre stations according to their personal preferences.

Interesting basic features

If a user is not sure about what to specifically listen to, Milk Music has a ‘Spotlight’ feature that offers curated song selection. The songs included in it have been selected by so-called ‘tastemakers and influencers.’ Just like other popular music-streaming services, Milk Music also allows creation of personalized music stations that are based on user’s favorite songs as well as albums. It could allow users to skip up to six songs every hour per station.

Samsung has reminded users to enjoy the service without interruptions from advertisements. It said that in the future, it would welcome and infuse ads into Milk Music.


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