Samsung Launches Entrim 4D, Hum On, Waffle At SXSW 2016

Samsung Launches Entrim 4D, Hum On, Waffle At SXSW 2016
Samsung Gear VR Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Samsung gives you a sense of immersion with its new Entrim 4D headset. Recently launched at the South by South West (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, the new concept hardware is an amazing device giving users a sense of movement on virtual reality.


Apart from the Entrim 4D, Samsung also launched Hum On, a mobile app that helps to turn your hums into symphonies. Meanwhile, the company also launched “Waffle,” a social media platform that enables creating a collaborative content. However, the major highlight of the event was the Entrim 4D headsets that add an extra spunk to your VR experience, states Samsung.

The headset should be worn along with the Gear VR to let you see and feel the virtual environment, as well as move around. While a Gear VR is limited to visual delights, the 4D headset works by sending electrical impulses through the body to create a sense of motion.

Creative Leader of the Entrim project, Steve Jung, opines, “Virtual reality shouldn’t be experienced only with the eyes. With Entrim 4D, we hope that people can experience VR the way it was meant to be- with their whole bodies.”

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Entrim 4D adds a major advantage to users experiencing nausea while wearing the VR gear. The 4D headset is capable of eliminating motion sickness by bringing motion to their body’s vestibular system aligned with what the eyes are seeing. When people move forward at a certain great speed, or if the ground is tilted in a particular direction, their bodies move accordingly with the 4D headset on, reports NDTV.

In a recently released press release, Samsung gives a new sci-fi-ish name for the technology, called “Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation” (GVS). explains the science behind vestibular disorders by saying, “Sensory information about motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation is provided by the vestibular apparatus, which in the ear includes the utricle, saccule, and three semicircular canals.”

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