Samsung Gear VR Can Damage Your Phone And Your Eyes

Samsung Gear VR Can Damage Your Phone And Your Eyes
Samsung Gear VR Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

Samsung Gear VR is the latest hot property in the market. Samsung users are going gaga over this gadget. After the good news, here comes the bad news. If you have been planning to buy the Gear VR, the following are the issues you should know about:


Reddit users are talking about how Samsung Gear VR can damage your phone as well as your eyes. One of the Reddit posts mentions that if Gear VR is exposed to direct sunlight, the lens used in this headset can work as a magnifying glass. And you know what happens when sun rays hit a magnifying glass. It burns the object. VR headsets can similarly burn your cellphone’s display. Another Reddit post suggests that you better keep your headset inside the house.

Another thing that can happen is your eyes getting damaged. If you wear the Gear VR headset without sliding your phone inside, then expose the headset to sun rays or other beams of electric light, chances are you may lose your eyesight. Also note that this gadget is not for kids under the age of 13. Samsung asks you to keep it away from children. The technology can work against their visual development.

If your child still wants to experience Samsung Gear VR, the company recommends frequent breaks and close monitoring. Everything has a good and bad side. We must know how to use advanced technology properly so we get only the best out of it.

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