Samsung Gear S2 – Samsung Releases Picture Of Smartwatch On Instagram

Samsung Gear S2 – Samsung Releases Picture Of Smartwatch On Instagram
Samsung logo g0d4ather / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

With a message “Giving the new Samsung Gear S2 a test drive,” Mr. Dennis Miloseski, the studio head of Samsung Design America, posted a picture of Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch on his Instagram account.


Samsung has been time and again giving us a glimpse of this new smartwatch which is said to be Apple’s tough competition. There are no details given regarding the watch. The exact specifications will be told at IFA, Berlin where this smartwatch will finally be officially launched. Only two things that can be told about this watch are:

1. Samsung Gear S2 will be powered by Tizen
2. It will not be completely controlled by a rotating bezel

Here’s a teaser of the smartwatch posted by Samsung Mobile on YouTube on August 19, 2015.

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Will Samsung Gear S2 be able to beat Apple watch?

It is too early to comment on it, but Samsung Gear S2’s clear intention is to capture Apple’s market. The company has been trying to overtake the brand even in the smartphone domain. And the company is not letting Apple be at peace even in the smartwatch field.

As Samsung Gear S2 is designed to beat Apple, we can assume that the watch will be better than Apple’s already existing smartwatch. Samsung’s new smartwatch has to be well-studied and well-designed to gain the position of #1. Let us now wait for IFA and then comment on it further.