Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – The New iPad Air In The Market?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – The New iPad Air In The Market?

Samsung vs. Apple is a trending topic in the tech industry. From trying to be Apple to imitating the brand, Samsung is doing it all. With Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, is Samsung successful in designing a better iPad Air? Read On.

We keep on updating you about the developments in the war between Samsung and Apple – may it be in any field: smartphones, smartwatches or tablets. These two brands are in a constant fight with each other. The latest news of Samsung openly asking iPhone users to sell their old iPhone to Samsung retailers to $100 proves that the competition is getting serious with every passing day. To a certain extent, Samsung seems to achieving success in overtaking Apple’s market.


Can Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Be The iPad Air Killer?

With slight changes, you can say that iPad Air and Galaxy Tab 2 are just the same. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 is slightly thinner and lighter than the iPad Air, but it couldn’t destroy Apple’s market share only on its size and weight basis.

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The features of both the tablets are almost the same with different placements. Both these gadgets have 2,048 x 1,536 megapixels resolution. Speaker grilles and power ports are other features that are exactly the same.

The difference comes here: where Apple uses IPS technology for touchscreen, Samsung uses SuperAMOLED touchscreen. And when it comes to touchscreen, Apple wins! Another difference is that Samsung’s back is made of plastic. Yes, the company has designed a back that is made out of two pieces of plastic, whereas iPad Air’s back is made from a solid piece of aluminum.

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Now the point is, does Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has the potential to kill iPad Air? If Samsung is going to be just another Apple, then it has no chances of capturing the brand’s market. Apple is all about status, and people are not going to give it up for a duplicate product.

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It’s high time for Samsung to start manufacturing original products and impress the market with its originality. For the time being, it can survive in the market with the high-end products, lower-price strategy, but as we know, lower priced brands have been left with no other option than to compromise on features. This strategy can hence be applied for the short term. It will not yield long-term results.