Samsung Galaxy Surfboard: Digital Marvel Or Worthless Innovation?

Samsung Galaxy Surfboard: Digital Marvel Or Worthless Innovation?
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Samsung has tried its hand at developing some pretty wild tech in the past, but this might be its most bizarre creation yet. The Samsung Galaxy Surfboard promises to transform your regular surfing experience by turning your surfboard into a smartphone!


A Samsung Brazil promo shows the Galaxy Surboard helping Gabriel Medina, the WSL world champion, stay connected to his coach and fans via Twitter messages constantly popping up on the surface of his surfboard, reports The Verge.

The commercial claims that surfing can get lonesome, when one is in the middle of the ocean, with no one around for miles. The Galaxy Surfboard comes to the rescue, allowing Medina’s coach and fans to reach him with words of encouragement, no matter where he is, especially in moments when he is facing failure.

The Galaxy Surfboard displays messages on a unique built-in LED screen on its surface, which draws from the “Samsung Heart,” the Samsung S7 that goes into the slot at the base of the board. The board can also assess the frequency of waves, the direction of the wind, and the condition of the sea at the time and display it on LED screen.

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But it seems like the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard is more of a nonsensical marketing gimmick rather than a useful innovation. The Next Web has pointed out the incredulity of the invention. After all, who would really want to receive live Twitter feed when they are trying to balance on their feet in the face of dangerous waves?

And besides, isn’t one of the points of taking up surfing as a sport is to escape the busy, robotic life of the city, filled with technology and artificial intelligence? It does not make sense that one would want to stare at a smartphone even when one is in the middle of the calm, serene ocean.

It is yet to be seen what kind of market the latest innovation from Samsung manages to find; if it finds any, that is.

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