Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Rumors: Trademark Filing Means Next Flagship Will Feature Advanced Camera Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Rumors: Trademark Filing Means Next Flagship Will Feature Advanced Camera Sensor
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Another great news for Samsung fans waiting for the much anticipated Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy S8! We have heard some latest speculations that Samsung is going to introduce a fine dual camera setup with the new Galaxy S8 lineup!


According to SAMMobile, Samsung has recently filed a patent application in South Korea which is supporting the rumors about this next flagship carrying a dual camera setup. The patent application which was filed on September 13, shows a camera interface with improved zoom control.

In the new Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, a dual camera setup is there which has zoom capabilities better than the traditional single lens zoom before. Samsung wants a comparable feature in its Samsung Galaxy S8 with an interface having improved zoom control which is described in the patent application.

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Another report from SAMMobile, says that Samsung has filed for two trademarks in South Korea. One is for “LightUp Camera” and other is for “Light+camera”. This increases the likelihood of Samsung launching dual cameras in Galaxy S8 in some way.

Now what does the description in the trademark filings say for both monikers? It reads- “Camera Sensor for use in enhancement of brightness and clarity of digital images and photos taken in the environments with low light.”

This is what basically the dual camera setup is supposed to do in the upcoming Galaxy S8. Another rumor says that Galaxy S8 dual cameras will feature one 16mp sensor and another 8mp sensor for a better photography experience. There will be improvements being noticed for the low light performance.

This new awaited company’s flagship is going to be launched in the first quarter of the year 2017 as expected worldwide. If the things go well for Samsung without any hindrance in the timely production, we will certainly get a good Samsung model in our hands in the beginning of next year! Till then let’s wait and watch!

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