Samsung Galaxy S8 To Be A Killer Phone: Foldable Display & More

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Be A Killer Phone: Foldable Display & More
Samsung Galaxy Note 5, IFA 2015 Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr cc

Samsung has yet to regain its leading position in the smartphone market as its mobile phone lineup suffered in the last periods. Nonetheless, even with the struggles of its mobile division, it appears the mobile tech giant is betting in more devices including a new Samsung Galaxy S8.


Samsung had a rough patch with its mobile devices, but it appears the company is getting its mojo back, especially following the release of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. The two devices have already been earning praises, not to mention the hype around the Galaxy Note 6. It seems though that Samsung is not yet satisfied with its “going back on track” progress, as new reports suggest that the company is already looking into the development of its Samsung Galaxy S8 device.

According to Trusted Reviews, 2017 could be an even bigger year for the Korean tech giant. There have been several tips claiming that Samsung is looking into the release of a foldable smartphone potentially called the Galaxy X. Others peg it to be the Samsung Galaxy S8, but whichever way, Samsung wants the mobile phone to stand out in a big way.

One side of the rumor mill claims that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy X device alongside the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 7 in 2017 the soonest. Others claim that the S8 may be the foldable phone, but that’s as far as the information still goes. Some of the details came from shady-looking social media reports from Korea, so nothing is official yet.

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In another report from Breathecast, the Galaxy S8 is expected to come with high-quality resolution, modernized built and 5G connectivity.

Additionally, other expected features include 5.2-inch, 2.5K resolution with a Super AMOLED display and RGB sub-pixel feature. It is possible for the S8 to feature a bigger display, since it appears that Samsung wants to differentiate the new phone’s build from the design of the S6 and the S7. As with other tips and leaks, all information must be taken with a grain of salt.

Details could still change as per Samsung’s official announcement. Consumers are advised to stay tuned.

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