Samsung Galaxy S8 Early Review: Next Flagship A Powerful Stunner

Samsung Galaxy S8 Early Review: Next Flagship A Powerful Stunner
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Răzvan Băltărețu / Flickr cc

Samsung is currently focused on unveiling the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but rumors are swirling already for its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8.


It does seem premature to tackle the next Samsung flagship. But based on the leaks coming out, it promises to be a power-packed device that techies will love.

Speaking of power, the latest is actually about the processor the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be using. Gizmo China claims that the company’s CEO has confirmed that the next flagship will be using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor made on a 10nm process.

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While the processor model is not that surprising, the 10 nm part is the one that may need further elaboration. The turn to 10nm technology is believed to be new technology that will produce energy efficient and faster processors.

But the initiative is not limited to Qualcomm alone. Samsung also uses Exynos and this variant is expected to use the same 10nm silicon, which signals a potential shift to better chips in 2017.

Not Just Android, Apple Too

Broadening the horizon, even Apple devices could end up turning to the new chip technology. Hence, the much talked about iPhone 8 may likely use the advanced chip once it debuts next year. MediaTek is another name rumored to be working on the technology so the shift to 10 nm silicon seems imminent.

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What Else Aside From The 10nm Technology?

With a powerful chip in tow, what else can consumers look forward to?

The display mode is something that many will be interested in and the word around is that it will be virtual reality ready. The Samsung Galaxy S7 did come bundled with Gear VRs so the company could ramp it up next year.

If so, the Galaxy S8 could come with a UHD screen, which can render pixels of up to 3840 x 2160 per The resolution alone is better than the Oculus Rift though this feature may likely fall on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge model.

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