Samsung Galaxy S7 Update: Samsung To Downgrade Camera From 16MP To 12MP?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Update: Samsung To Downgrade Camera From 16MP To 12MP?
Samsung Galaxy S4 Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is not fresh news anymore. But any Samsung Galaxy S7 update is. Every other day, rumors become older as these updates keep pouring in. When Galaxy S7 news start coming in, everyone reports that the company is considering different technologies to improve camera quality. And here comes the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 update suggesting that the phone’s primary camera may only be 12.2 megapixel.


SamMobile on its website has posted a leaked picture of Galaxy S7 which shows the smartphone’s camera only having 12.2 megapixels. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge sport 16-megapixel cameras and both do an impressive job with the pictures. So why is this Korean manufacturer going back to 12MP?

First, while reading the specs, buyers consider megapixels first; it is not the right way to choose the camera. Megapixels alone do not define picture quality. When you go to any tech store, pick up two cameras or smartphones – one well-known brand (say X), and one not-so-well-known brand (say Y). Y may have a 21-megapixel camera at $400, while X may have 18MP for $600. Now, pick up the devices and click a few shots. You will immediately see the difference. Either the picture quality will be the same, or X’s performance is better. This can be in terms of lights, image clarity, image detailing, focus, etc.

If you stuff phones with high-end features, you will shorten its life. Who wants to buy a $600 smartphone that lasts about 6 months? No one. Samsung’s decision to go back to 12-megapixel cameras is wise in its own way. Again, it is rumored to be cheaper than flagships launched in 2015. It will definitely not offer you the best of everything.

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