‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ Rumors; Price Details And Specs; Will Feature 3D Touch?

‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ Rumors; Price Details And Specs; Will Feature 3D Touch?
Samsung Galaxy Tab S Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Samsung’s upcoming smartphone seems to have all the hype way before its launch. Taking into account everyone’s excitement, will “Samsung Galaxy S7” break iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus’ records? If it launched with all rumored features and specifications then chances of this phone selling a high number of devices are high.


Even though Samsung has not officially announced the launch date yet, rumors say it may announce Galaxy S7 in January 19 2016. How much will this extraordinary device cost you? Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone is not for the ones who buy budget phones, as the two variants of S7 will belong to the “premium” and “sub-premium” categories.

Depending on the countries where the phone is being sold, it is said that Samsung will use different chips for Galaxy S7. The news of this device being powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chips in China and U.S. is still fresh and hot. Just like Apple used Force Touch for its latest smartphones, Samsung may also use 3D Touch technology for S7. The company also submitted a patent called “Touch Input Apparatus and Electronic Device Having Thereof.” Another exciting news is that this phone will come packed with a powerful battery that would last up to 5 days without a single charge. Researchers are said to have discovered how to improve the life of lithium-ion batteries using silicon and graphene.

Galaxy S7 may also use ISOCELL technology for its camera which will allow the phone to absorb more light while shooting in low-light conditions for clear pictures even when the light is not enough. The device is also said to be finally upgrading to 4K and will be introduced with Turtle Glass.

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It looks like Samsung is in the mood to bring every piece of advanced technology to Galaxy S7. If things go well, this is definitely going to be one of Samsung’s best smartphones till date.