Samsung Galaxy S7 May Come With Battery That Lasts Up To 5 Days, May Also Sport Foldable Display

Samsung Galaxy S7 May Come With Battery That Lasts Up To 5 Days, May Also Sport Foldable Display
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We have been giving you news related to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 smartphone, may it be rumored price, release date or specifications. Today, we bring to you fresh Galaxy S7 news, or shall we say, another bunch of rumors?


Foldable screen

Samsung is known for delivering the best display technology when it comes to smartphones. Taking this further, Samsung is now working on foldable smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S7 can be the first to introduced the feature with this latest technology. The company may also work on the 4K technology for S7.

MicroSD card

Following Apple’s footsteps, Samsung has given up on a microSD card slot. We saw the company releasing its latest devices with increased internal memory with no space for external memory disappointing Samsung fans. The industry believes that most of the people have still not switched to Apple because Samsung offers a slot for microSD card. The company might have feared losing its loyal customer base; hence, microSD card is coming back with Galaxy S7.

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ISOCELL technology for camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 is said to be launching with ISOCELL technology. This will allow the smartphone to absorb more light while shooting in low-light conditions. With this device, we may also get higher-resolution for both primary and selfie cameras.

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Samsung’s researchers are said to have discovered a way to improve the life of lithium-ion battery using silicon and graphene. If Samsung uses this advanced technology for Galaxy S7, this device’s battery may last up to 5 days without charging.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 comes bundled with rumors, which, if proven true, would make this one of Samsung’s best smartphones.