Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: AT&5 T Dropping Controversial Phablet, More Carriers To Follow Suit?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: AT&5 T Dropping Controversial Phablet, More Carriers To Follow Suit?
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There seems to be no end to the issue of Samsung units catching fire, despite the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Recently, four major US mobile careers announced that they are soon going to allow swapping of Note 7 units with any other device. Now, a new report from Bloomberg shows that AT&T may stop the sales of this phablet altogether.


Most of the defective devices have already been replaced, returned or exchanged, but a recent news of Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and emitting smoke at Southwest Airlines Flight has raised the concerns again. Everybody is now concerned whether a second Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall will happen or not. Whatever happens now, it is sure that the future seems to be bleak for this year’s Galaxy Note phablet.

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One of the most important concerns for the carriers and manufacturers is to keep the customers safe from the faulty devices. But if Samsung is not able to handle this thing right, AT&T is going to take things into its own hands. The things will become worse for Samsung if the other major carriers in US follow the suit which can render the device completely unobtainable.

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According to 9to5Google, Sprint announced that it will be accepting the returns of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and it includes the replacements phone as well. But as discussed AT&T is going one step further which is to consider stopping all sales of the Samsung’s flagship galaxy Note 7.

As per the press release from T-Mobile, it is joining the other two major careers suit and allowing customers to replace all Note 7 units whether pre or post recall phones. The rumors that Samsung is going for a second recall is going up again and some have even recommended that Samsung should now abandon this device at this point and just count the losses it had.

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