Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is Happening and Here’s What to Expect

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is Happening and Here’s What to Expect
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Given how tech companies often stick to a timeline when releasing products, there are high expectations for Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to be just around the corner. Based on Samsung Note’s release cycle, the product could be released sometime this September with a number of expected killer features.


Samsung needs to step up its game considering how the Galaxy Note 5 disappointed the market with the specs almost similar to the Galaxy S6. This emphasizes the need for the company to come up with handsets and specs. According to Value Walk, people can expect several things from the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 should the company take note of its previous performance. These include a powerful almost PC-like processor, 4K display, better camera, microSD card slot and pressure-sensitive display.

There were previous reports on Samsung looking at transforming the Galaxy Note 6 to be a powerful gaming PC that is in the form of a phablet. The device will come with a 16-core processor developed via the 14nm FinFET technology. Furthermore, a 4K display is no longer impossible since the company already has the technology. It should trickle to upcoming releases like the Note 6.

As for the microSD slot, International Business Times reported that it would be in Samsung’s best interest. Many were disappointed when Samsung discarded the microSD slot feature in the Galaxy Note 5. While the change seemed minimal, there are still many users out there who prefer their smartphones to have expandable memory. Samsung may ignite interest back into the Galaxy Note line if it chooses to include a microSD slot again.

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However, just like with upcoming releases, all expectations and leaks should still be taken with a grain of salt. Samsung has yet to provide the final details of the Galaxy Note 6. The device is also expected to rival Apple’s iPhone 7 series but both companies still remain mum on the details of their upcoming offerings.


  • Batosai

    “While the change seemed minimal”? MINIMAL? No SD slot is akin to a computer without USB ports or a blu-ray drive. Sure you can get away with it in lower level devices, but not with something like the Note series. They are not just phones, they are business and productivity devices. Their processing capability and larger screen size makes them magnets for the most graphically advance and thus most space hungry games available. If anything it should support two or three microsd slots.