Samsung Denounces SquareTrade’s Galaxy S6 Edge Bend Test

Samsung Denounces SquareTrade’s Galaxy S6 Edge Bend Test
Image from Flickr by Kārlis Dambrāns
Samsung S6 Edge Karlis Dambrans Samsung Denounces SquareTrades Galaxy S6 Edge Bend Test
Image from Flickr by Kārlis Dambrāns

In what is seen as a clear attempt at damage control, Samsung has released an official statement and a video regarding the “bend test” performed by extended warranty provider SquareTrade on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


BendBot Used on Flagship Phones

The test was performed using a robotic bend-tester SquareTrade dubbed as the BendBot, which was developed as a form of response to the previously controversial Bendgate scandal of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Results have shown that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge deformed as soon as its 110-pound force limit was reached, resulting into a cracked screen. Breaking point numbered at 149 pounds. The HTC One M9 broke as soon as it reached 120 pounds of force, while the Apple iPhone 6 Plus deformed at the same 110 pounds of the Galaxy Edge, but its breaking point occurred at a higher rate of 179 pounds.

Damage Control

Samsung was quick to denounce SquareTrade’s test, saying in an official statement that 110 pound force “rarely occurs under normal circumstances,” since the normal amount of pound force endured by phones in a tight pocket averages at around 66 lbf.

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The statement also points out how SquareTrade’s BendBot only tested the front side of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Front and back sides of phones both have different durability, according to the Korean company.

“SquareTrade has only tested the front side, which may mislead consumers about the entire durability of smartphones,” Samsung’s official statement read, even going further as requesting SquareTrade to conduct the test all over again.

As a response, Samsung has released its own video showing an 80lbf Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge bend test.

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  • jasonlowr

    I am for once happy for samsung, this will definitely make the s6 and samsung more popular no matter in a good or bad way. Laugh everyone, share to everywhere you want, make this viral, and I’m sure this will make the s6 launch even more popular. 😀