Samsung Camera To Try New Tech For Low-Light Photography

Samsung Camera To Try New Tech For Low-Light Photography
Photo Credit: TechStage via Compfight cc
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What's This?

In one of our previous stories, we reported how Samsung is planning to use Sony Xperia Z5’s IMX300 sensor for its upcoming “Galaxy S7 camera.” Now, Samsung has revealed that it is working on BRITECELL, a camera sensor technology that delivers quality pictures even under low light.


According to the report published on Sam Mobile, these new sensors will use smaller 1-micron pixels. The light sensitivity these pixels use will be the same as 1.12 microns. Samsung has claimed that devices with BRITECELL technology will provide “enhanced light sensitivity in low light conditions with less color artefact.” The company further said it can also use multi-exposure so the smartphones can capture images with more details. Such devices will also be able to offer users accurate auto-focus.

Samsung has not yet disclosed which device this technology will be introduced with. As Galaxy S7 is the next expected smartphone from Samsung, some believe that this phone will be launched with BRITECELL. News is that Galaxy S7 will be launched in different regions with different tech. In some regions, it will be packed with the Snapdragon 820; in other regions, the phone will don the Exynos processor. When it comes to camera, the phone is rumored to sport two technologies, the ISOCELL technology and the IMX300 sensor, again, depending on countries. Now, Samsung has revealed BRITECELL. Chances are, the company is testing all advanced tech and developing something that brings together the best features. All we can do now is wait till the company makes the next announcement.

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