Sam’s Favorite On ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Walks Out Of Show

Sam’s Favorite On ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ Walks Out Of Show
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“The Bachelorette Australia” is about to take one of the most shocking turns. One of the favorite contestants of Sam Frost is going to leave the show after Sam kissed other guys. It seems that the man is not ready to accept the pattern of the show and thus decides to leave.


If rumors are to be believed, Sam Frost is heartbroken over the departure of her favorite from the mansion. It is still not known who the guy is, but it may be one from the group date she was with in the last episode. Drew, Richie, David, Tony, Kieran, Sasha, Kayne and Michael were part of the group date where Sam asked them to jump off a 12-meter cliff.

Sam was also on a single date with Dave, the plumber, and it was her first single date. She seemed to have enjoyed his company a lot, so much so that she handed over a rose to the guy.

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The source who provided the news about the guy leaving the mansion said, “There was a stalemate between them and he left.” The source also added, “(Sam) was left gutted … Absolutely heartbroken.”

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So will Sam fail once more in finding love on national television? Sam has an infamous breakup with Blake Garvey on “The Bachelor Australia” last year. Blake first chose Sam as the winner of the show and then dumped her to be with the 2nd runner-up.

Sam has hinted towards finding the man of her life on “The Bachelorette Australia” this time. There seems to be lot happening in the show and the journey will be surely quite interesting.