Sam Wood Unsure Of Rose Ceremony: More ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Spoilers

Sam Wood Unsure Of Rose Ceremony: More ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Spoilers

Episode 11 of “The Bachelor Australia” will be aired tonight. The speculation is going high for the lady to be dumped tonight, with news of Sam Wood’s confusion surfacing in the media. “The Bachelor Australia” spoilers suggest a tough call for Sam when it comes to the girl he’d give the rose to.


The start of the episode promises a lot of fun with all five women going out on a group date. The date was organized for them to take a sneak peek on Sam’s life during the day. The beautiful ladies were greeted by children, ready for the coaching session. But some of the ladies found it difficult to control the babies, which can be a deciding factor for Sam, who loves kids, as he had mentioned.

The group date was followed by a solo date between Sam Wood and Lana Jeavons. The two traveled in a luxury yacht. The couple got really romantic during the date and as anyone can guess, Sam is a little too interested with this brunette beauty.

The couple tried a tandem parasail then headed to Daniel San restaurant on North Steyne for a dinner, which is quite intimate. The date between Sam and Lana raised a lot of eyebrows, and the other contenders in the show don’t seem to like the whole idea a lot. While many of them questioned the decision, one of the bachelorettes got down on the floor and shed tears.

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Now coming back to the rose ceremony, this event may have an impact. You never know if Sam will be sending one lady home. Let’s find out in today’s episode of the show itself.

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