Sam Wood Ends Dream Run Of Nina On ‘The Bachelor Australia’

Sam Wood Ends Dream Run Of Nina On ‘The Bachelor Australia’
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Nina, who claimed a spot in the final five of “The Bachelor Australia” this season, had to leave the show after Sam denied giving her the rose. The wedding planner, though not a favorite among many in the show, had to leave after Sam’s rejection.


While leaving the show in the limousine, Nina was more concerned over the intruder Lana. “When I think about Lana going to home towns, it’s anger, it’s disappointment, it’s frustration,” she finds it simply unfair to have such intruders on the show.

Snezana, the frontrunner of the show, mentioned on her social media profile, “’You were honestly my rock inside the house and you were always here for me, especially when things got tough being away from Eve [10-year-old daughter] and I can never thank you enough for that.”

Before the rose ceremony of that “The Bachelor Australia” episode, the five ladies were sent to a weekend date with Sam. Each of the ladies got a chance to get a rapid date with the 35-year-old hunk. For Nina, the date was far from romantic. She was on a fishing date with Sam when it rained. Sam told her on the date, “You’re strong and you’re opinionated and you don’t hold back, but I’ve never had a girlfriend like that.”

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Nina spent her time on the show talking about others, specially the intruders, but failed to put her focus on Sam. Now that Nina is gone, Heather is roaming in the risky friendship zone. Heather Maltman, who received the first white rose from Sam, has been more like a friend to Sam Wood, who also has questions regarding their relationship. “Are we just really, really great mates?” is the question that bothers Sam for the time being.

On the other hand, Sam shared his first Kiss with Lana. Sam also called Lana “a beautiful surprise” who he would never run out of things to talk about. Snezana showed picture of her daughter. So is it Snezana or is it Lana? The surprise will be unfolded in days to come.

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