Sam Wood Eager To Be With The Girl He Chooses In ‘The Bachelor Australia’

Sam Wood Eager To Be With The Girl He Chooses In ‘The Bachelor Australia’

It seems that the whole nation awaits one answer from Sam Wood, “The Bachelor Australia” this year. This time, the handsome hunk has revealed that he actually found the one on the show.


While talking about his experience of falling in love, Sam Wood said, “It’s a combination of mystery and frustration.” He is getting desperate to be with his love as soon as the show gets over. He mentioned, “You’d just like to be able to introduce each other to your friends and be out in public and just be as normal as you could be.”

The man himself, Sam Wood, has mentioned that his family is also in the dark about the identity of the lady. The 35-year-old hunk said, “I reckon if I went to tell them, they’d tell me to shut up, so we’re not going to ruin the surprise.”

During Wednesday’s episode the bachelor left the rose ceremony unable to decide which girl to send home. He said, “It was really about just taking a big deep breath and putting the brakes on and finding out what my options were.” He also added, “I was thinking ‘I’ve got five girls here that are all incredible and the sixth girl at this point is someone who I would have had one conversation with.”

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Sam Wood thinks it is not proper to bid goodbye to somebody without even knowing the person. Sam Wood also talked about his dilemma, “You just have to continually remind yourself that you’re not here to make a group of great friends,” adding, “I guess that’s the thing that I kept my eye on and knew that if I did, everything would work out in the end, and it did.”

The show “The Bachelor Australia” is soon going to be over and suspense is being experienced by the whole world. Till then, stay tuned with us as we bring you stories on and off the camera.

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