Sam Wood Becomes Most Hated Man In Australia After Heather Maltman Heartbreak On ‘The Bachelor Australia’

Sam Wood Becomes Most Hated Man In Australia After Heather Maltman Heartbreak On ‘The Bachelor Australia’
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A single move can turn you from hero to zero. That is what has happened to Sam Wood after dumping Heather Maltman on national television. In its last episode, “The Bachelor Australia” saw a dramatic farewell by Heather, and all she had to ask was “Why?” Once the episode was shown, Sam became the most hated man in Australia.


When asked about his decision and the fact that he is being hated by so many, Sam Wood said, “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong.” He also added, “I followed my heart the whole way through and the decisions I’ve made were absolutely the right decisions. My decision (to send Maltman home) was one of those occasions where it was really a no win for anyone, but it had to be done.”

While the whole of Australia watched the last episode of “The Bachelor Australia,” Sam Wood was not an exception. He said, “It was hard at the time, then reliving it last night was just horrible,” adding, “I understand that so many people have fallen in love with Heather because she’s such an incredible girl, so it wasn’t a terribly popular decision.”

Sam Wood is not in contact with Heather ever since the show wrapped up. However, he would like to check what she is doing now and how she is recovering from the heartbreak. In his words: “I would obviously never do anything to jeopardize my relationship, but if all of us were friends and it was all amicable then I would love to sit down with Heather and make sure she’s okay and see what she’s up to now.”

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While Sam is dealing with the situation of being the most hated man in Australia, Heather has all the sympathy. Two days after her departure from the show, Heather mentioned on social media, “I assure you, I am not put collectively at all. Nor & I broken. I am recovering – finding the gorgeous within the ugly & stitching it in to my life.”

She said, “I tossed over his answer for a little bit after the show ended for me… I felt like it was that I couldn’t be extremely sexual and hardcore romantic on camera because I just did not feel comfortable.”

As we move closer to the finale of “The Bachelor Australia,” it’s time to focus on the remaining three. Morning News USA will bring every possible news from the show as it reaches this goal.