Sam Shares Passionate Kiss With Sasha On ‘The Bachelorette Australia’

Sam Shares Passionate Kiss With Sasha On ‘The Bachelorette Australia’

Sasha is the favorite of Sam Frost on “The Bachelorette Australia.” This time, she has proven it by sharing a passionate kiss with Sasha in the 3rd episode of the show.


The duo was in a conversation when Sasha got a bit overwhelmed and kissed Sam. Sam was eager and replied with a more passionate kiss. After sharing the moment, Sam said, “It was exactly how it was supposed to feel.”

Sasha and Sam had a tango date previously where the duo got close to each other. The other guys was jealous, though Sasha seemed to have enjoyed the whole thing a lot. He said, “Well, to be honest, I wanted to do that on the tango date. Tonight was the right time and place. That was it. It was good. A bit lost for words, actually.”

The 30-year-old construction manager is the son of a biker gang member and he opened up about his early life to Sam. He has been brought up by his stepfather and he is grateful for that. He said, “He’s been my number-one supporter, he took me under his wing like I was his only child.”

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While Sam and Sasha shared a steamy date, the other guys  a serious meeting about the bro code. The code was already broken by David. They made a new code during the meeting – “just don’t be a wang.”

The last episode of “The Bachelorette Australia” saw Drew Woolford getting eliminated. The other guys are still fighting to win Sam’s heart on the show.