Sam Sends Richie Home On ‘The Bachelorette Australia’, The Show Down To Final Two

Sam Sends Richie Home On ‘The Bachelorette Australia’, The Show Down To Final Two

Things are getting obvious on “The Bachelorette Australia” show. After Alex, Sam has sent home Richie and is thus left with only two choices. Sasha and Michael who were always the frontrunners of the show are left standing for the final rose.


Richie, with whom Sam went for an aging session, had all the charms to woo a woman. However, it seems that Sam is more interested on the other two. Richie’s inability to express his feelings to Sam may be one reason, but her dates with the other two made it obvious that Richie will be out soon.

It was an emotional episode on “The Bachelorette Australia” where Sam broke down after giving her two roses to Sasha and Michael. Richie said, “I do have a big crush on you and I’m open to falling in love,” when he was grilled down by Sam for not sharing his feelings.

Now that Richie is out, Sasha has a very good chance of winning Sam Frost. He was the one with whom Sam shared her first kiss with. Sasha also ignored his fear of heights for the Sky Diving date he had with Sam. He is the protective boyfriend, he is curious about Sam and he is all that a woman wants. Sam has noticed these qualities and it may have a positive impact on her decision.

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As far as Michael is concerned, he also has a fair chance of winning. He has been a charismatic male with whom Sam felt a connection with. He also had a romantic date with Sam and they looked like a cute couple. If you are getting too curious to know who will win, stay tuned till tonight as Sam chooses her man on national television.