Sam Frost Makes Radio Debut With Rove McManus

Sam Frost Makes Radio Debut With Rove McManus
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Sam Frost has begun her career on radio with Rove McManus on 2Day FM. Their first guest for the show was Joel McHale. In the first episode, “The Bachelorette Australia” got personal with her story. She revealed some personal information, too.


She revealed her awkward moment on the show when she was whale-watching with Michael Turnball. She mentioned that she wet her pants on the date. She mentioned, “I jumped off the boat onto the ground,” adding, “The pressure made me, a little bit, wee in my pants.”

While explaining the reason for the occurrence, Sam mentioned, “I was whale watching with Michael and I was very tired — it was a very long day and we were filming for five hours.” She said that she took medicine for sea sickness and had to drink lots of water. This was the reason she lost control of the bladder. However, she mentioned that Michael did not find out about it.

Sam Frost was nervous for her debut on 2Day FM. However, she made sure that her nervousness is not revealed. Though Sam and Sasha Mielczarek are both in love, she was not concentrating solely on him during the show. When talking about him, she mentioned, “He’s a grounded, down to earth Aussie guy who auditioned for a game show to hook up with someone… like all my friends.”

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As far as the guest of the show is concerned, Joel McHale was impressed with the two. As he left the show, he wished the best of luck to Rove and “The Bachelorette Australia” star.