Sam Frost Has Found The Man On ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ With Whom She Wants To Grow Old

Sam Frost Has Found The Man On ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ With Whom She Wants To Grow Old
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“The Bachelorette Australia” believes in aging gracefully. “The Bachelorette Australia” spoilers for the coming week suggest that the girl will be in a group date with one of the remaining eight men where the duo will be aged by 50 years with prosthetic makeup.

Sam Frost is quite sure that she has found the man in the show with whom she wants to grow old with. She has mentioned that it has been the best date ever in the show. According to her it was a nice idea to plan for such a date. She said, “It was easily a ten out of ten,” adding, “I want to be with someone for the rest of my life out of this, so it’s cool to jump forward in time with someone and see what they would look like.”


“The Bachelorette Australia” is too moved by a YouTube video, which showed a couple getting aged to get married. It is still not known who the lucky guy is but they surely share a great chemistry.

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The duo had to spend four hours for the makeup to be finished. While they could talk they were not allowed to see each other till the makeup was over. It is still not unveiled who the happy man was to age with Sam. The duo then hit a local bowls club.

Sam Frost is quite amazed to see what the boy behaved like when she was not around. According to her, “Seeing some of the boys being a bit jealous was interesting though because I didn’t see that at all when they were around me.”

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Sam Added, “I definitely covered my eyes when we were watching the kiss (with Sasha),” mentioning, “Watching it with the family was a bit awkward, I was like, ‘Sam, cut it out!’”

In an interview with KIIS FM breakfast hosts Kyle and Jackie O Sam has revealed that she is enjoying every bit of her relationship with the winner. She even has sex with the winner and it goes to around 6 times a day in some occasions.