Sam Bids Goodbye To Heather Maltman, Beautiful Story Ends On ‘The Bachelor Australia’

Sam Bids Goodbye To Heather Maltman, Beautiful Story Ends On ‘The Bachelor Australia’
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Sam Wood and Heather Maltman, a couple, to live happily ever after. Oh, wait! Heather is just sent home from “The Bachelor Australia” and we know why. Bachelor Sam was skeptical about his relationship with Heather and he decided that they are just friends, nothing else.


In the most dramatic episode where Sam had to visit the hometown of the girls in the show, Sam sent Heather back. Before heading to her place the two had hot chocolate on the mountaintop. Sam also met Laura, Heather’s best friend.

While asked about Heather, Sam said, “Heather and I have had some beautiful, real moments,” adding, “but those real moments have occurred surrounded by cocktail parties and ice cream trucks and jelly wrestling.”

When Sam broke up with her and refused to give her the rose, the question she had was, “Can I ask why?” adding, “Am I allowed to?” That is when Sam said they had an amazing friendship that never grew beyond. Heather’s reply was “My feelings for you were more than just friendship,” adding, “I’m kind of glad, in a way, that you gave me the opportunity to see where that would go. But yeah, it still hurts.”

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When asked about her experience from the show, Heather said, “I want to be able to love someone with every part of me. But having done the show, I’ve realised I’m not very good at letting people love me, because I’m just so used to being independent. This show has taught me how to let other people care for me and be there in return – it’s been the most incredible gift Sam could have given me.”

With Heather out of the show, there are just 3 ladies standing, two of them has a fair chance of winning Sam.

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