Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone Rumored Affair Heats Up

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone Rumored Affair Heats Up
Ryan Gosling Elen Nivrae / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are heating up the rumors column of media bulletins. The two co-stars are meeting up for secret lunches and avoiding paparazzi for some reasons, Inquisitr reports.


The rumor of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone dating was there for some time. The duo who worked in “Gangster Squad,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “La La Land” had no known professional agenda for the dates they were in.

Ryan and Emma have a movie “La La Land,” to be released next month. Any such rumor will eventually add to the curiosity for the movie. It will promote the movie further and generate more interest.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone relationship rumors are heating up following the news of Emma’s ex dating someone else. Andrew Garfield, ex of Emma, was seen with a brunette lady a few days back. They were enjoying each other’s company and were quite happy.

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The problem in the relationship is Ryan’s baby’s mom, Eva Mendes. Hollywood Life reports a source saying, “Eva can be very possessive and suspicious.” There is enough reason for Eva to be jealous because these “‘meetings are actually intimate lunches for two where they sit and talk for hours,” as the source reported.

It’s understandable for two friends to meet up for lunch, but why keep it a secret? The duo chose Burbank, a place that is less crowded. The chemistry the pair shares is electric, and if something of that sort is going on, it is quite natural.

Ryan has denied rumors about a relationship. The media wants Emma to be linked to someone after her breakup with her ex. However, Eva will not be at ease if the name comes out to be Ryan.