Russian Mafia Boss Had Sex In Jail Cell With Human Rights Activist

Russian Mafia Boss Had Sex In Jail Cell With Human Rights Activist
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The curiosity of Russian jail officials were stimulated by the unusually long hours of visitation made by a Russian human rights activist to a mafia boss jailed in a maximum security facility. Fearing that unusual activities may have been taking place, the officials decided to set up a hidden camera inside his cell.


“It was noted that their counseling sessions seemed to take rather longer than usual,” a jail officer was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. True enough, there was unusual activity between the Mafia boss and the human rights activist. She was supposed to see to it that he is being treated humanely inside prison.

The hidden camera revealed that the two were having sex inside. The video showed the woman stripping immediately as soon she gets inside the cell.

According to Daily Mail, the video was taken in April but was only leaked to media recently. However, Russians were not interested about the sex scandal. They are now furious upon seeing that Russian mafia boss seemed to be having special treatment inside prison. Proof of which is his wooden bed, chairs, coffee table and paintings on the wall that were all seen in the video.

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In June, Bloomberg reported that some of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s allies have ties with the Russian Mafias. The information “could change the narrative of Putin in the West — from being a Stalinist tyrant defending the interests of his country to being a product of gangster Petersburg who united authorities with organized crime,” Stanislav Belkovsky, Putin’s former adviser, told Bloomberg at the time.

In 2014, Russian mafia groups took the number three spot as the biggest organized crime groups in the world, Fortune reported at the time. The syndicate has an estimated 9,000 members amassing money from drug trade and human trafficking. In general, Russian mafia groups hold the major heroin trade in Afghanistan. According to Fortune, Russia is responsible for 12 percent of heroin consumption around the world even the country only takes 0.5 percent of the world’s population.

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