Russian Bride Smuggled In Suitcase By French Husband

Russian Bride Smuggled In Suitcase By French Husband
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luggage lisaclarke Russian Bride Smuggled In Suitcase By French Husband
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A 60-year-old French pensioner had squeezed his 30-year-old Russian bride inside a suitcase while traveling to Nice from Moscow. The French man, whose name was withheld, thought his wife will not be allowed to come with him.


Turns out, non-European citizens can enter France provided their spouses can show proof of their marital ties.

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The French pensioner and his wife were traveling to Nice from Moscow via train. They have sat together in the course of their travels until they reached the border between Belarus and Poland. At this point, the husband thought his wife will not be allowed to cross the border so he thought of placing her inside one of their suitcases.

However, Polish border guards noticed how eerily big the suitcase was. They suspected that the French man is a smuggler of illegal drugs and gold bars, so they asked him to open the suitcase.

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“It was the Russian wife of the owner of the bag,” spokesman for Polish border guards, Dariusz Sienicki, said as quoted by The Local citing Le Parisien newspaper.

Sienicki said the wife need not have stowed herself in the suitcase, as she would’ve been allowed entry as long as they present marital documents.

“If she had traveled sitting next to her husband, she would have gone through smoothly. This was the first time I’ve seen someone travel like this. She may very well could have been a victim of human trafficking,” Sienicki said.

The couple was arrested for “attempting to avoid border controls” but was released thereafter. They were soon allowed to carry on with their travel.

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