Russia Is World Powers’ Common Aggressor

Russia Is World Powers’ Common Aggressor
At meeting on investigation into the crash of a Russian airliner over Sinai President of Russia / Flickr cc by 4.0

Russia has been a cause of worry for the world political powers and this has been reaffirmed by analyst Michael Kofman. US Central Command (CENTCOM) commander nominee General Joseph Votel also added before the Senate Armed Services Committee that Russia’s rift with Turkey is a cause of concern.


Global Fellow at the Kennan Institute, Wilson Center, and an analyst at CNA Corporation Michael Kofman said that countries might find it difficult to be at odds with Russia should they wish to force their foreign policy agency on the country. Turkey’s recent shooting down of Russia’s plane and the turn of events is a proof of that.

“Getting tough with Russia, in and of itself, does not get you anything,” Kofman wrote. “Russian leaders are many things, but they are not soft,” he added.

The United States seems to echo the same concern. “Russia has moved to assert itself in Central Asia through a combination of military, economic and informational means in an effort to resurrect its great power status and hedge against perceived instability emanating from Afghanistan,” Sputnik quoted Votel. “I think it portends some potential problems here that may linger between Russia and Turkey,” added the official when asked about Russia’s ongoing military presence in Syria.

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Nonetheless, even with Russia threatening world power across the globe, the tension between it and Turkey has also prompted an alliance between the latter and Ukraine. Kremlin’s aggression and invasion of Ukraine has enhanced ties between Ankara and Kiev.

Crimean Tatar Mejlis head and Ukraine’s MP Refat Chubarov said on a Facebook post (via Ukraine Today): “A few years ago, Russian politicians were warning their Ukrainian counterparts that Turkey ‘could allegedly pose’ a threat to the territorial integrity of Ukraine. So far, Moscow has done everything to get Kyiv and Ankara united against their common aggressor (Russia).”

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