Russia, Turkey Tension Escalating Rapidly, Syria Invasion Exposed!

Russia, Turkey Tension Escalating Rapidly, Syria Invasion Exposed!
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A denied flight over near Syria is causing much tension between Russia and Turkey. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has even accused the Turkish party of trying to conceal “illegal military activity near the Syrian border,” calling this “a dangerous precedent.”


According to the Russian Federation, it was scheduled to hold an observation flight over Turkish Republic territory from February 1 to 5. This was in accordance to the Treaty on Open Skies and a preliminary approval for the flight was even given by the Turkish party. However, Russian specialists were suddenly denied rights to conduct the said observation flights by Turkish Defense Ministry Officials. Last year, Russia said there were 32 observation flights conducted over Russian territories as part of the Treaty. Among these, 4 were done by Turkey with 2 conducted alongside the U.S. Now, Russia viewed Turkey’s refusal as an outright violation of the Treaty.

Russia suspected that Turkey’s refusal of the observation fights are due to the country’s attempts in concealing “illegal military activity” it is conducted near the Syrian border. Moreover, Russia said it is likely that the Turkish party is making plans to carry on a military invasion on Syria. As evidence, the Russian Defence Ministry said it has video footage of Turkish self-propelled artillery shelling in Latakia, Syria. Russia also alleged that Turkish Armed Forces have been organizing for “active actions” in Syria. At the same time, the Russian Defence Ministry says they also have evidence of weapons being supplied to terrorists from Turkey at night.

For some time now, Russia has been conducting continuous airstrikes over Syria as it helps the Syrian Arab Army in driving out ISIS. Between February 1 to 4, the Russian Aerospace Forces have reportedly performed 237 combat sorties in Aleppo, Latakia, Homs, Hama and Deir ez-Zor provinces. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, recent strikes by Russia and Syrian forces had managed to free the towns of Nubl and al-Zhara’a, which has been besieged since 2012. As much as 60 fighters have also been killed in the recent attacks.

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