Russia-Turkey Boiling War: Hackers Down Russian Site, Analyst Claims Moscow Want Regime Change in Ankara

Russia-Turkey Boiling War: Hackers Down Russian Site, Analyst Claims Moscow Want Regime Change in Ankara
Speech at the opening of Moscow’s Cathedral Mosque after reconstruction President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0
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Russia and Turkey’s relationship has deteriorated following the downing of Moscow’s plane and it looks like it is far off from being fixed. Recently, a group of Turkish hackers attacked a Russian website while an analyst sees through Moscow’s goal of changing the regime in Ankara.


According to Newsweek, Turkish hacker group out down the website of Russia’s embassy in Israel. The attack launched last Sunday forced visitors of the site to be directed to pages filled with Turkish nationalist images. Specifically, the Russian embassy site was down on Sunday afternoon. Its Google cache did not contain any information about Russia’s goal in Israel rather the page shows Turkey’s national flag including the first president of the country. People also found image of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who is a revered national hero.

The Börteçine Siber Tim group stepped out and claimed responsibility for the attack. They also said they were behind the attacks on several Israeli sites including a Facebook Page. Russian and Israeli authorities were able to put back the site to normal later that day as well.

Russia and Turkey have been at odds since Ankara shot down Su-24 jet near the Syrian border. Turkish officials cites airspace violation as grounds for the shooting down but Russia maintained that they did not breach anything. As the tension escalates, Russia has been pressuring Turkey both on the political and economic ends. According to an article by Ivan Krastev from Japan Times, Turkey should pay attention to Moscow’s take on regime change.

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“These examples reveal a clear pattern. And given that regime change has for some time been the dirtiest phrase in the Kremlin vocabulary, Putin’s recent falling out with Turkey is worth careful monitoring,” wrote Krastev.

Furthermore, President Vladimir Putin did claim before that Turkey will be accountable for the shooting down. He made it clear that he is unwilling to fix the relations given that Erdogan is still reigning.

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