Russia Is Taunting NATO With Covert Attacks – UK Defense Secretary

Russia Is Taunting NATO With Covert Attacks – UK Defense Secretary
Russian President Vladimir Putin
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Russia might be testing NATO’s resolve with the same covert attacks it used in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, The United Kingdom Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said. Russian Vladimir Putin may infiltrate the NATO member countries in the Baltics, particularly Estonia, Lithuania or Latvia, with undercover forces, propaganda and cyber attack. It may arouse tensions in the same way it inflamed the Ukraine conflict in order to test NATO’s commitment in protecting its ally countries, Fallon warned.


Vladimir Putin is “Real and Present Danger”

Russian President Vladimir Putin posed “real and present danger” of destabilizing the Baltic states, Fallon said. NATO must be ready to battle hostility coming from Russia “whatever form it takes.” He said tensions between Russia and NATO were “warming up” as tanks and armors continue to pile up in eastern Ukraine.

“It’s a very real and present danger. He was testing NATO all last year, if you look at the number of flights and the maritime activity. He flew two Russian bombers down the English Channel two weeks ago. We had to scramble jets very quickly to see them off. It’s the first time since the height of the Cold War, it’s the first time that’s happened,” Mr Fallon told The Telegraph.

Fallon also highlighted that the notable increase in Russia’s military spending is “clearly worrying.” He said the country is modernizing its military forces and its nuclear forces.

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“There are lots of worries. I’m worried about Putin. There’s no effective control of the border, I’m worried about his pressure on the Baltics, the way he is testing NATO, the submarines and aircraft,” Fallon said.

NATO Implements Readiness Action Plan

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is implementing its Readiness Action Plan with aircraft patrolling the Baltic skies, with ships monitoring the Baltic Sea and land forces policing the ground. He said this during a joint press conference with Latvian president on Feb 18.

Stoltenberg also expressed concerned over the deteriorating situation in Debaltseve due to the refusal of the separatists to respect the cease-fire and allow access to the OSCE monitors.

Stoltenberg said Russian forces, artillery and air defense units as well as command and control elements are still active in Ukraine. He told press that Russia continues to support the separatists with forces, training and advanced weapons. He also noted the steady buildup of tanks and armored vehicles across the border from Russia to Ukraine.

“I urge Russia to end its support for the separatists. And withdraw its forces and military equipment from eastern Ukraine in accordance with the Minks agreement. The separatists should halt all attacks immediately,” Stoltenberg told press.



  • davidgary1

    Putin is the greatest leader in the world today. The real threat to world peace is the U.S warmongers. We don’t buy into your bullshit propaganda anymore. Russia has done more to defeat ISIS in a few months than the U.S did in 2 years. Why? Because the U.S sole interest in Syria is to topple the Syrian government for their own geopolitical motives. They want to destabilise the Middle East. Russia on the other hand want to wipe out ISIS then let the Syrian people decide democratically who will rule their country. The U.S and their puppet regime in the west have run their course, they have proved themselves to be a scourge on the earth, lyers, war criminals and hypocrites. Long live Putin and Russia, a light in the world and an enemy of the New world order and their satanic cronies.

    • jp

      crawl back in your office cubby hole. russian troll

      • davidgary1

        Firstly I’m not Russian I’m Irish and secondly there are masses of people in the U.K U.S and all over Europe who agree with me. The anti Russian propaganda is backfiring, people are waking up. Russia has 2 military bases outside of Russia, the U.S has 638. NATO has surrounded Russia with military yet the West says Russia is the threat? I think not.

  • Jon O Helms

    who stands for democracy? what government represents the citizens?

  • jp

    putin is a serial liar like trump, that’s why they like each other. the only threat to world peace is russia and china, while putin full face lies to the world about his protectorates syria and iran, china in the meantime is meddling in africa and south america, and have created their own mess in the south china sea by installing military hardware on spratly islands when they claimed they wouldn’t do that in the first place