Russia To Sell Su-35 Flanker Jets To China And Indonesia

Russia To Sell Su-35 Flanker Jets To China And Indonesia
Air strikes in Syria [Image 4 of 6] DVIDSHUB / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Russia has said that it will sell its Su-35 Flanker jet to China and Indonesia.


Indonesia, which wants to acquire a replacement for its US F-5 Tiger II fighters, has signed a deal to buy 12 of the new Russian fighters rather than US F-16 Fighting Falcons because “the aircraft have more modern technology,” General Agus Supriatna said, as reported by Global Post.

China, on the other hand, has sought to buy the new combat jet for several years. The technologies of the fighter jet will help China maintain control over the East and South China Seas. Russia’s United Aircraft Corp announced a $ 2 billion deal (to give 24 of its highly advanced aircraft) that will be signed by the end of this year. Russia, which earlier required China to buy at least 48 fighter jets, has now scaled down the criteria to 24.

It has been circumspect of China’s attempts to get a hold of the Su-35 Flanker. China has bought a number of aircraft in the past, like the Su-27, torn them down and reverse-engineered their technology that resulted in the production of domestic rip-offs. One such example is the J-11D fighter.

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The Su-35 is equipped with technologies like the Irbis-E passive electronically scanned radar array and Saturn AL-117S supercruise-capable engines. Both of these have the potential and the capability to enable China to combat the US-built aircraft.

The spokesman for the Chinese Military Defense said, “The implementation of the deal for the purchase of Su-35 aircraft meets the interests of Russia and China. Thanks to the efforts of both countries, it can be said that considerable results have been reached by now.” With the Russian aircraft, China will certainly be able to assert more control over expanses such as the South and East China Seas.


  • Johnson Malarkey

    The picture above the article labeled “Air strikes in Syria [Image 4 of 6]”, ain’t that of a Tu-160, but of a U.S. Air Force B1 strategic bomber. How come? Because the Tu-160 doesn’t have the forward canards.