Russia Says It Didn’t Conduct Deadly Idlib Strikes

Russia Says It Didn’t Conduct Deadly Idlib Strikes

Russia denies having any hand in the recent strikes in the Idlib province of Syria that left at least 23 people dead, including seven children. According to the U.S., they are “working closely” with the Russians to determine who was responsible.


There were reportedly more than 10 airstrikes that attacked the Idlib province recently. The planes struck an area where the National Hospital is located. According to a report from the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (SOHR), the death toll is still expected to increase as not everyone in the area has been accounted for with people still missing under the rubble.

Following the incident, Russia Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov immediately denied their involvement in the airstrikes. At a press conference on Tuesday, he said, “No combat missions, let alone delivering airstrikes, have been performed by the Russian Air Force in Idlib province.” On the other hand, SOHR reports that it was Russian warplanes that launched the deadly air attacks.

According to State Department spokesman John Kirby, they are “going to continue to work closely” with the cessation of hostilities task force, which includes the Russians, in order to find out who is responsible for the strikes. He also stressed that the killing of innocent civilians is a clear violation of the cessation of hostilities period.

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On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry says they have continued to help reconcile opposing sides in Syria. In the last 24 hours, it has managed to secure truce agreements among representatives from two inhabited areas in the Homs andDaraa provinces in Syria. This brings the total number of inhabited areas with signed reconciliation agreements to 128. So far, they have also found five violations of the ceasefire agreement in the Damascus province recently.

Meanwhile, the death toll continues to rise. According to a report from RT, as much as 28 have now died from the Idlib strikes.

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