Russia-NATO Nuclear War Brimming Over Denmark

Russia-NATO Nuclear War Brimming Over Denmark
Ilyushin Il-78, Tupolev Tu-95MS, Micoyan&Gurevich MiG-29Dmitry Terekhov / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Image from Flickr by Dmitry Terekhov

Russia has dangled nuclear war threats against Denmark if the latter joins NATO’s missile defense system. As a response, NATO has said the organization is ready to defend all allies with its ballistic missile defense system.


Russia Threatens To Target Denmark With Nuclear Missiles

Russian ambassador to Denmark, Mikhail Vanin, had openly said that if Denmark joins NATO’s missile defense system, Danish warships could end up as targets for Russian nuclear missiles.

“I do not think that the Danes fully understand the consequences if Denmark joins the US-led missile defense shield. If that happens, Danish warships become targets for Russian nuclear missiles,” Vanin was quoted as saying by The Copenhagen Post, citing Jyllands-Posten.

Vanin said joining NATO would easily make Denmark “part of the threat to Russia and relations with Russia will be damaged,” adding that if Denmark indeed decides to join NATO’s defense shield, the country would “lose money and security.”

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Danish foreign minister, Martin Lidegaard, called Vanin’s threat unacceptable.

“Russia knows very well that NATO’s missile defense system is defensive. We disagree with Russia on many important things, but it is important that the tone between us remains as positive as possible.”

NATO’s Ballistic Missile Defense Ready To Defend Allies

NATO has consistently said its ballistic missile defense system is not directly aimed at Russia. However, the organization is ready to defend any of its allies against missile threats, NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said.

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“We have made clear that NATO’s ballistic missile defence is not directed at Russia or any country, but is meant to defend against missile threats. This decision was taken a long time ago, so we are surprised at the timing, tone and content of the statements made by Russia’s ambassador to Denmark,” Lungesco said as reported by Reuters.

She said Vanin’s statements do not inspire peace or stability.

NATO’s top military commander, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, said the statements promotes Russia’s campaign against countries joining the defense shield.

“Romania came under great pressure when they became a part of the (missile shield). Poland is coming under great pressure and now anyone else who wants to join in to this defensive capability will come under this diplomatic and political pressure,” Breedlove said.

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