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Russia Finds Ally In Finland, Or Enemy In Hiding? NATO Does No Help

Russia Finds Ally In Finland, Or Enemy In Hiding? NATO Does No Help
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Russia Finds Ally In Finland, Or Enemy In Hiding? NATO Does No Help

Russia has sounded the alarm for many European nations, but not Finland. According to reports, Finland is not threatened with Russia’s deployment of its missiles. Is there room for peace, or will world war start?

NATO, along with other Western nations, saw Russia’s missile deployment as a threat. Finland takes on a different stand. According to Finland’s defense minister, he doesn’t consider the deployment a threat. However, he did warn about the exchange of reactions leading “something to happen, even if only accidentally.”

Russia Finds Ally In Finland

“We naturally support peaceful co-existence. And we practice an active policy of stability,” explained Jussi Niinisto to Finnish MTV3 News, as cited by AP.

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“We’d like to see the military situation calm down in the Baltic Sea, rather than escalate,” he added.

Russia did not deny the deployment of its ballistic Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. The Russian Defense Ministry did clarify that the deployment is in line with their regular military drills. The organization also said it has not been kept a secret. However, NATO and other Western nations still expressed concern over what the missiles could imply.

NATO Does No Help

Tensions in the Baltic region continue to rise and Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski thinks that NATO should help. The alliance should help diffuse the tensions instead, according to the official.

“It suits neither us, nor the Russians to have this level of tension,” RT quoted Kawczynski. “Of course, it [Russia] is an equal partner, it is an equal partner within the UN Security Council, we must treat them as an equal partner.”

“We should acknowledge and understand and respect that there’s tension in the Baltic States and in Poland, they are small countries, they neighbor Russia, they are to a certain degree fearful of Russia and fearful of Russian motives.”

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