Russia Deploying Nuclear Weapons Along NATO Border; Builds Spy Base In Nicaragua

Russia Deploying Nuclear Weapons Along NATO Border; Builds Spy Base In Nicaragua
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Russia wants Cold War and NATO is not making things any better. As the latter continues to build up forces near Moscow’s borders, Russia has started preparing nuclear-capable missiles on top of a spy base that is reportedly in Nicaragua. Is war really coming?


Russia vs US and NATO

Russia is planning to send advanced nuclear-capable missiles in its European enclave of Kaliningrad by 2019. The move is in light of the U.S.-backed missile shield deployment that is expected to be found in Crimea too in the future. This will even increase the tensions between the two countries on top of the conflict with NATO. Likewise, many analysts claimed that the current tensions between the US and Russia mimics that of the Cold War period as nations like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are caught in the cross-hairs especially as members of NATO.

According to Reuters, it is likely that Russia will pursue the deployment of the missile Iskander regardless, allowing the country to have better target coverage. There are also contentions on the shield deployment from the United States. Russia challenged the move as the West’s way to deterring Russia’s nuclear capabilities. However, this may backfire as this also gives Russia the political reason to justify what it intends to do.

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“The Russians plan to do a lot of things they have had in train for some time,” explained Steven Pifer, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

“There’s a long history in Moscow of saying what they’re doing is in response to what you guys did, even though they planned it in advance.”

Cold War Fears

Likewise, Russia seems intent on preparing for Cold War as it has reached an agreement with Nicaragua to build an electronic spy base in its region. Moscow will also be providing 50 tanks to Nicaragua as part of the deal. According to Daily Mail, Russia’s deal with Nicaragua to build an electronic intelligence-gathering base could spark a whole new round of Cold War fears. The deal on top of the sale of 50 Russian T-72 tanks is reportedly Vladimir Putin’s way of ramping up capabilities against NATO in Eastern Europe.

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  • Wizard of Langley

    just more war hype. Don’t you guys ever get sick of the gloom and doom stories that you blog? You could be more productive. Write something positive for example: A CALL FOR WORLD PEACE! HELLO!! JESUS MAN … All these dire blogs get old.

  • Mixed News

    Absolutely distorted and biased reprt. It is not Russia deployed nuclear “along NATO borders”, it is NATO move to Russia border despite assurances it will never move to East.

    U.S. warmonger policymakers blindly guide american people to war with Russia.