Russia Is Aggressive Because Of Paranoia – Intelligence Report

Russia Is Aggressive Because Of Paranoia – Intelligence Report
Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0
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United States National Intelligence Director James Clapper claims that Moscow has become paranoid with NATO that more aggressive actions may be expected. Nonetheless, contrary to the reports, Russia has now offered the United States concrete plan to address and possibly end the Syrian crisis.


Clapper presented a report entitled “Worldwide Threat Assessment,” that puts Russia as the leading threat with China, Iran and North Korea trailing after. “Russia is assuming a more assertive cyber posture based on its willingness to target critical infrastructure systems and conduct espionage operations even when detected and under increased public scrutiny,” The Moscow Times quoted Clapper from the report. “Russian cyber operations are likely to target U.S. interests to support several strategic objectives: intelligence gathering to support Russian decision-making in the Ukraine and Syrian crises, influence operations to support military and political objectives, and continuing preparation of the cyber environment for future contingencies,” the director said.

The concern is greatly reflected by U.S. President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2017 budget request to allow $19 billion for cyber security. This is more than $5 billion for 2016. “I think the Russians fundamentally are paranoid about — about NATO,” added Clapper during his testimony before the Senate. “They are greatly concerned about being contained. And, of course, very, very concerned about missile defense, which would serve to neuter what is the essence of their claim to great power status — which is their nuclear arsenal,” he went on criticizing Russia.

Even with such allegations, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the country offered the United States a proposal on ending the Syrian crisis – to which Moscow has been under fire as well. “During our contacts with Washington, we have proposed an absolutely concrete plan which they are now studying…I hope the simple proposals the plan contains will not take too much time for Washington to consider,” explained Lavrov during an interview with Russian daily MK. The official did say the irony of humanitarian efforts getting in the way of addressing Syrian crisis.

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