‘Rush Hour’ TV Remake Off To Good Start With Two Funny Detectives

‘Rush Hour’ TV Remake Off To Good Start With Two Funny Detectives
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American police comedy TV series “Rush Hour” will premiere on CBS at 10 p.m. on Thursday, March 31. It looks promising, considering its cast.


The TV series is based on the famous motion picture franchise of the same name and is produced by Brett Ratner, who is famous for directing the “Rush Hour” film series.

“Rush Hour” TV series lead stars are Justin Hires, who portrays the street-smart African-American Detective Carter, and English actor Jon Foo, who plays Detective Lee, the cop from Hong Kong with impressive martial arts skills. They are taking over the roles from Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, respectively.

Other cast include Aimee Garcia, who plays Carter’s friend on the police force. Page Kennedy also joins as Detective Carter’s cousin and insider on the streets.

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For the TV remake, Jon Turteltaub is in the director’s chair. In addition, Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick served as the writers. Arthur Sarkissian, Brett Ratner, Jeff Ingold and director Turteltaub are the executive producers.

The plot did not deviate far from the movie series, especially from the first “Rush Hour” movie. The two cops will clash with each other right from the start as they navigate through a difficult case. Based on CBS’ official synopsis of the “Rush Hour” TV series, Jon’s Detective Lee will fly into L.A. to seek justice for his sister’s alleged death and acquire more knowledge about her sister’s connection to a Chinese organized crime ring.

On the other hand, Justin’s Detective Carter is assigned to get in touch and work with Detective Lee. When the two detectives finally get together, the culture clash begins. It remains to be seen how they will navigate through a series of conflicts in order to be a winning combo in the end.

As reported by Daily News, the TV series is set to keep the humor light. Just like the movie, it will provide a series of laughs to the viewers while they also grip their hands watching the detectives go through their mission. The TV series is expected to have a bunch of fighting, shooting, running and culture-clash jokes.

“Rush Hour” is one of a handful of action films that will be adapted for the small screen. It looks really promising.

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