Rumors Of Windows 10 Delay After Its Release Date Are Not True

Rumors Of Windows 10 Delay After Its Release Date Are Not True
Jak dopasować menu Start w Windows 10 / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

So you’re planning to buy a Windows 10 PC?


Don’t believe the rumors that it won’t be pre-installed with Windows 10 OS.

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According to reports, Microsoft is still under the process of adding its final features this week, which will delay its release to PC manufacturers for their own individual testing. And the domino effect will extend to a little later after July 29.

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Bloomberg, however, reported that it’s not true. Although they also issued the initial report that it will be delayed beyond July 29.

The catch? According to Bloomberg, only the machines from Dell Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd., Hewlett-Packard Co., and Acer Inc., will have the pre-installed OS in their new models.

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However, it’s true that the OS is not totally complete yet, according to Microsot’s e-mail to Bloomberg.

“The company is moving to deliver Windows as a service with both the whole operating system and smaller updates delivered to computers via download,” the report said.

Microsoft reiterated that only 5 million users who have been in its beta program will be able to download it initially.

Upon launch, Microsoft will be using the tag line  “A more human way to do,” and “Upgrade Your World” with a hashtag #UpgradeYourWorld.