Rumor: ‘Man of Steel 2’ Put On Permanent Hold

Rumor: ‘Man of Steel 2’ Put On Permanent Hold
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Warner Bros. has pretty much announced its entire film slate for the next five years when it comes to movies based on popular DC Comics characters. These include “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Suicide Squad,” “Wonder Woman,” “Justice League” and “The Flash.” But then, fans start wondering about “Man of Steel 2” since it is not on the list. Moreover, it seems that for the moment, the said production has been put on “permanent hold.”


George Miller is rumored to direct

Den of Geek reports that just last week, filmmaker Jon Schnepp, who was behind the recent documentary “The Death of Superman Lives,” let it slip that “Mad Max: Fury Road” director George Miller has actually been tapped to also direct “Man of Steel 2.”

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Moreover, sources have also told the Den of Geek that Miller is currently in talks with Warner Bros to direct one of the DC movies. However, it has yet to be finalized which DC movie it will be. Screen Crush also reports that a sequel to “Man of Steel” may not just be a priority right now for Warner Bros.

Focus may be on “Batman”

Also reportedly keeping Warner Bros busy is a new “Batman” trilogy that is in the process of development. After all, “Batman” movies seem to bring in a lot of money for the network.

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Audience will be seeing “Superman” in the big screen soon enough

Nonetheless, audience will be seeing Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League” films. The former is due to open in theaters on March 25, 2016.