Rumor: BMW X3 Also Fails Emissions Test

Rumor: BMW X3 Also Fails Emissions Test
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As Volkswagen continues to do some damage control on its current emission scandal, another automaker is reported to have an SUV which exceeds European emissions limit. This puts BMW in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

It started with an article by German publication, Auto Bild. The said publication came out with a report which claimed that the BMW X3 xDrive 20d had exceeded the Euro 6 emissions limit. This was found during a road test by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). During the test, it was found that BMW’s affected SUV exceeded the allowable emissions level by as much as 11 times. Nonetheless, the publication was quick to add there has been no evidence to indicate that BMW has been tampering with their vehicles in order to pass emissions systems tests.


According to the ICCT, the Euro 6 legislative limit for emissions is 80 mg/km of nitrogen oxide (NOx). During a study conducted among 32 Euro 6 diesel passenger cars from ten different car manufacturers, only one vehicle was said to have failed to meet the set legislative limit. It was not disclosed which vehicle model or manufacturer failed the said test.

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Nitrogen oxides pose a serious health risks to many. The ICCT says that it can cause “significant respiratory problems” that can possibly lead to “premature death.” Moreover, the transport sector is said to be largest contributor to total ambient nitrogen oxide concentrations in Europe, making up 40%.

Meanwhile, shares of BMW AG stock have dropped following the emissions rumor. Its stock price is now down 5.15% or 4.11 to €75.68.

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