Ruby Rose Supports Jennifer Lawrence On ‘Slutty Power Lesbian’ Comment

Ruby Rose Supports Jennifer Lawrence On ‘Slutty Power Lesbian’ Comment
Jennifer Lawrence Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Jennifer Lawrence’s comment about lesbian fashion has attracted a lot of criticism. She mentioned in an interview that she wants to dress as a “slutty power lesbian.” Most people believe that she promoted the appropriation of the lesbian style. However, Ruby Rose differed in her opinion.


When asked about Jennifer Lawrence’s quote, Rose said, “I hadn’t heard that quote until you told me just now.” She added, “But what I do know is that Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress and an amazing advocate for women and women’s empowerment and the wage gap in Hollywood and so many amazing things. I think that is an easy quote to misinterpret or to pick apart. But I know that she has an amazing sense of humor, and for her to say that, I know that would never come from a bad place.”

Jennifer Lawrence has always supported the LGBT community, and Ruby Rose appreciate that fact. She mentioned, “She’s always spending so much of her time supporting other women and the LGBT community,” adding, “There’s no way that she meant that with any kind of malice. If it was someone else, maybe I would think into it, but because it’s her, I just know what she meant.”

Jennifer Lawrence is known for giving candid interviews about her style and personal life. She is opinionated and she loves to be like that. Rose has given her all the required support.

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