Ruby Rose And Ed Sheeran Charge Up Promo Vid Of ‘MTV Europe Music Awards’

Ruby Rose And Ed Sheeran Charge Up Promo Vid Of ‘MTV Europe Music Awards’
Ed Sheeran @ Wembley 28 Mark Kent / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

After Nicki Minaj set a standard hosting the MTV Music Awards 2015, Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose have a tough job ahead. It seems that these two stars have taken up the challenge well for the MTV UK Music Awards and highlighted their personalities in a promotional video of the event.


While Sheeran is a singer by profession, Ruby Rose is an actor from “Orange is the New Black” with a bold personality. Ed is lovable and gentle, while Ruby showcases her gang tattoos and her strong personality.

This is an unlikely combination for MTV Europe Music Awards which will be held at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy, on October 25. This has drawn a lot of interest towards the show. The promo video is themed “Cute and Badass.”

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Ruby Rose has lived up to her character in “Orange is the New Black” in the promo video. She is cool, tough, she shows her toned abs and sexy figure. Her glare on the bike is absolutely burning. On the other hand, Ed Sheeran looks as cute as ever. He looked too innocent even when he wore a pair of boxing gloves.

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Ruby has also depicted some of her cuteness for the video. The duo looks thoroughly excited about hosting the MTV Europe Music Awards. Their drastically different chemistry may or may not pay off on awards night.