Royal Cost Of Living: How Much The Duke & Duchess Get To Spend Per Year

Royal Cost Of Living: How Much The Duke & Duchess Get To Spend Per Year
Photo Credit: InSapphoWeTrust via Compfight cc
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Care to know the royal cost of living? Find out how much money Prince William, Kate Middleton and Price Harry acquire in order to run a royal lifestyle.


Prince William was holidaying at the world’s most expensive ski resort recently. This has raised questions regarding the spending capacity of the royal family. Everybody is curious to know how much the royal family has in its treasury. Cosmopolitan has claimed that the amount is over $4.6 million per year. However, this is just the average. has given a breakdown of their cost of living. Prince William and Prince Harry are given a total of $6.8 million each by their father, Charles. The amount covers the cost for staffing, travel, official wardrobes and more. However, this does not include refurbishment costs for William and Kate’s Anmer Hall home and the wage paid to personal staff.

While the average royal cost of living could be calculated, the distribution of the amount is not known. Unlike in previous years, it cannot be gauged how much money was spent on Kate’s wardrobe. William’s week-long travel to China and Japan cost him $163,000. The cost of travel to New York was under $40,000. Prince Harry also spent $135,000 for flights to Brazil and Chile.

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The future king draws his income from the estate of the Duchy of Cornwall. This covers the official and private livelihood of the future king. The income from the estate was $46.5 million for the last financial year ending March 31.

The jaw-dropping cost of living of the royal family is possible due to the earning from the estate. It is understandable that royals have a high standard to maintain, and if one can earn that much, nobody can criticize their way of living. We are used to that, right?