Ronda Rousey Pregnant? ‘Rowdy’ Leaving UFC For Good?

Ronda Rousey Pregnant? ‘Rowdy’ Leaving UFC For Good?
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Thanks to a tweet by Invicta FC champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, Ronda Rousey is back in the limelight but maybe for all the wrong reasons.


Cyborg” tweeted about hearing a rumor that Rousey is no longer fighting at UFC 205 and capped it by congratulating her on the new life. The first thing that came to the minds of many is Rousey’s previous statements of wanting to have the children of her boyfriend, Travis Browne.

Not Pregnant

UFC president Dana White cleared the air and said that she spoke with Rousey who said that the allegations were not true, TMZ reported. Cyborg and Rousey are mortal enemies so reading the Invicta FC champ congratulate “Rowdy” already causes quite a stir.

Is Rousey Coming Back At All?

With the rumors doused, a better answer would be to give an actual timetable for her return. White and the UFC reiterate that Rousey will be back later this year but nothing close has cropped up.

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Rousey was supposed to take on the UFC women’s champion, which could be Amanda Nunes. However, there is no indication that Rousey is ready or even in training. Add this tweet by Cyborg and people will obviously be wondering what the real score is.

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UFC 205 is fast approaching and the cards will likely be set in the coming months. Seeing the long layoff, Rousey would have been at least seen hitting the gym and conditioning herself for a comeback.

While she asked for some time off from the UFC to fulfill his film commitments, no factual updates on what she is really up to has come out. Since losing to Holly Holm at UFC 193, Rousey has been scarcely seen. She is believed to be mentally unprepared to return and many even suggest she may not.

The UFC can continue to claim a Rousey return in 2016. But with the months fast going by, the door for a possible “Rowdy” return is slowly closing.

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  • MeatCrusher

    Holly retired her for good. She is never coming back. If she does, Nunes will wreck her just like Holly did.

    • Holly Who?

      Much like meisha and Valentina sent yours crying to the nearest retirement villiage

    • One pill, makes you larger,

      And one pill, makes you small,

      God knows how many pills, Holly Holm is on,

      That dirty rotten, Drug cheating wh*re.