Ronda Rousey News: Julianna Pena Says ‘Rowdy’ Is Fat, Wants Shot At Amanda Nunes

Ronda Rousey News: Julianna Pena Says ‘Rowdy’ Is Fat, Wants Shot At Amanda Nunes
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Can Julianna Pena be the next UFC women’s bantamweight champion? If the trend continues on how the title has been constantly changing hands, there is a possibility.


However the “Venezuelan Vixen” needs to be named by the UFC first as Amanda Nunes‘ next opponent before that dream can be fulfilled. Looking down the line of potential opponents, there will be a lot of prerequisites.

One major stumbling block is a former champion, Ronda Rousey. Obviously not the best of friends, Pena is part of the Miesha Tate party. They were on opposite sides at “The Ultimate Fighter 18” and apparently there is some bad blood between the two.

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Rousey is not coming back

Pena finds herself in the headlines right now after taking a shot at Rousey via TMZ. In that report, she took aim at Rousey’s fat arms and ranted she deserved to be the no. 1 contender and not the former champion.

Rousey is reportedly planning to return later this 2016, where she is being groomed to take on the reigning champion Nunes. The problem is that since her defeat to Holly Holm last year at UFC 193, there have been no signs of the deposed champion.

For Pena, she believes that Rousey will not be returning and that no one cares about her anymore. From there, she practically pitched her name to the list though the final decision still remains at the hands of the UFC.

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Regretful but unapologetic

The latest report on Pena’s dish is that she regrets the dish but is not apologetic. Pena is aware of the stir that her comments created but explained that all of it was because of repeated queries on Rousey.

“I’m not trying to body shame her – I’m just sick of them asking me whether she’s in training or not training, or if she’s on a movie set, or if she’s having babies,” Pena said via MMA Junkie. “At this point, my Ronda meter is set. I’m done. I’m over it.”

Right now, all Pena can do is wait. She could get a shot, but apparently, all that depends on what the real score is with Rousey.

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