Ronda Rousey Faces 6-month Suspension, Jose Aldo Feels She Is Done

Ronda Rousey Faces 6-month Suspension, Jose Aldo Feels She Is Done
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Ronda Rousey will have to wait a little longer to get her rematch with Holly Holm. Rousey, who got knocked out by Holm during UFC 193 last weekend, has been given a 60-day medical suspension.


According to Fox News, Rousey’s suspension could extend to 180 days should she fail to pass a mandatory CT scan. For now, Rousey must go at least 45 days without contact training. The suspension, a standard procedure, is in place to help protect injured fighters from rushing back into the Octagon. Rousey was rushed to a hospital after UFC 193 reportedly for a split lip.

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Though UFC President Dana White and Holm have welcomed the much-anticipated rematch for the bantamweight championship, Rousey will have to prove her fitness and not display any concussion symptoms before the match can be made official. Let’s hope Rousey didn’t suffer any head injuries, because if she did, the rematch could never happen.

Jose Aldo, the men’s featherweight champion, is of the opinion that Rousey may never fight again. “Holm was a multiple-time champion in boxing and was able to do her thing standing, and I knew Holm would win if she kept it standing. I think it’s really hard for her (Rousey) to return to fighting,” Aldo was quoted as saying by The Mirror.

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Aldo highlighted that Rousey’s movie career was gathering pace. “Her career has taken a different direction,” added Aldo, who faces Conor McGregor at UFC 194 next month.